ObjectNumberInvalidEstimated costCommentsDetails
DATABASE LINK4012Database links will be exported as SQL/MED PostgreSQL's Foreign Data Wrapper (FDW) extentions using oracle_fdw.
FUNCTION209Total size of function code: 421 bytes.get_tab_ptf: 4
get_tab_tf: 3
INDEX2904.817 index(es) are concerned by the export, others are automatically generated and will do so on PostgreSQL. Bitmap index(es) will be exported as b-tree index(es) if any. Cluster, domain, bitmap join and IOT indexes will not be exported at all. Reverse indexes are not exported too, you may use a trigram-based index (see pg_trgm) or a reverse() function based index and search. Use 'varchar_pattern_ops', 'text_pattern_ops' or 'bpchar_pattern_ops' operators in your indexes to improve search with the LIKE operator respectively into varchar, text or char columns.5 domain index(es)
1 function based b-tree index(es)
11 b-tree index(es)
JOB000Job are not exported. You may set external cron job with them.
MATERIALIZED VIEW206All materialized view will be exported as snapshot materialized views, they are only updated when fully refreshed.
PACKAGE BODY2044Total size of package code: 2992 bytes. Number of procedures and functions found inside those packages: 6.emp_mgmt.create_dept: 3
emp_mgmt.hire: 11
emp_mgmt.increase_comm: 3
emp_mgmt.increase_sal: 3
emp_mgmt.remove_dept: 3
emp_mgmt.remove_emp: 3
PROCEDURE208Total size of procedure code: 772 bytes.secure_dml: 3
add_job_history: 3
SEQUENCE400.4Sequences are fully supported, but all call to sequence_name.NEXTVAL or sequence_name.CURRVAL will be transformed into NEXTVAL('sequence_name') or CURRVAL('sequence_name').
SYNONYM000SYNONYMs will be exported as views. SYNONYMs do not exists with PostgreSQL but a common workaround is to use views or set the PostgreSQL search_path in your session to access object outside the current schema.emp_details_view_v is an alias to HR.EMP_DETAILS_VIEW
public.emp_table is a link to hr.employees@curr_user
offices is an alias to HR.LOCATIONS
TABLE36018.21 external table(s) will be exported as file_fdw foreign table. See EXTERNAL_TO_FDW configuration directive to export as standard table or use COPY in your code if you just want to load data from external files. 2 check constraint(s).1 binary columns
5 unknow types
Total number of rows: 1552
Top 5 of tables sorted by number of rows:
customer_summary has 1154 rows
employees has 107 rows
user_role has 55 rows
t1 has 32 rows
departments has 27 rows
TABLE PARTITION200.2Partitions are exported using table inheritance and check constraint. Hash partitions are not supported by PostgreSQL and will not be exported.1 range partitions
TRIGGER6136Total size of trigger code: 2120 bytes.check_raise_on_avg: 18
update_job_history: 3
ioft_emp_perm: 3
ioft_insert_role_perm: 3
TYPE3022 type(s) are concerned by the export, others are not supported. Note that Type inherited and Subtype are converted as table, type inheritance is not supported.2 nested tables
1 object type
VIEW404Views are fully supported.
Total981145145 cost migration units means approximatively 2 man-day(s). The migration unit was set to 5 minute(s)

Details of cost assessment per function