Gilles Darold <gilles AT darold DOT net>

Please report any bugs, patches, discussion, help and feature request to <ora2pg AT darold DOT net> or use tools on the git repository at This help a lot to develop a better and useful tool.


Any contribution to build a better tool is welcome, you just have to send me your ideas, features request, patches and there will be applied or use tools on the git repository at You can also support the developer by donate on clicking on the button below.


If you need commercial support for Ora2Pg and professional help for Oracle to PostgreSQL migration, you can contact the excellent french company DALIBO who contribute a lot to Ora2Pg and PostgreSQL. For a complete list of commercial support near of your place take a look at the PostgreSQL Professional Services page, they all do great job.

I have lots of special thanks to the Dalibo company who's hire me and give me the opportunity to develop Ora2Pg. All developments are forwarded to the community under the GPL licence for free.